Volunteer Information


Cascade Lakes Relay volunteers can look forward to a fun experience supporting CLR runners & walkers to have a safe and enjoyable race. This race couldn’t happen without you, and we are very grateful for your support. It is our sincerest hope to see you return year after year.

  • All volunteers receive a CLR visor and free craft beer at the finish line at Riverbend Park on Saturday.
  • Your experience as a volunteer will be more pleasant if you are prepared, so please read through the volunteer instructions & directions carefully and contact us if you have any questions prior to the race. It is also recommended that you read the Official Race Guide and Race Map to familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures of the race. Please print your own copy of these documents, as they will not be provided at the race.  You will need to sign a waiver form when you arrive at your exchange point, or you can print, sign and bring the waiver form with you.
  • One of the “Spirit of Cascade Awards” is for the “Most Spirited Volunteers” (voted on by CLR participants), so think of a theme, wear costumes, play music, or BBQ hotdogs for racers, and you might win participant praises!
  • If you are volunteering on behalf of an Official Charity, please contact your charity coordinator to find out which of the locations assigned to your charity you will be volunteering at.

**2016 Volunteer Assignments, Race Guide, and Race Maps will be posted no later than July 10th, 2016. Please check back for the most up to date information!**

Volunteer Instructions
2015 Assignments
2015 Race Guide
2015 Race Map
Google Map of Ex Pts

Team Captain Information

Every team must provide two Volunteers who are at least 18 years of age or older. Volunteers must be physically capable to perform the assigned duties. Volunteers are not allowed to bring dogs or children under 12.

  • Ultra teams are required to provide only one volunteer.
  • High School Challenge teams will provide two volunteers and will be assigned to stick with your team and chaperone your young runners to ensure they have a great time and remain safe.

Team captains must register their volunteers in our registration database no later than July 15th.

  • All volunteers from your team will be assigned to the same exchange point, so carpooling and working together is highly encouraged. We ask that all volunteers complete a six to eight hour shift, be prompt, and allow additional time for driving to their assignment. We will do our best in assigning our volunteers to locations closest to their home to reduce driving time for all of our volunteers.

Volunteers are absolutely critical for the success and safety of this event.  Therefore, if a team elects to provide your own volunteers and your volunteers do not show up for their assignment, a penalty donation of $700 must be made to the “Hire a Volunteer” program in order to receive your team finisher shirts & medals, not be officially disqualified, and to be accepted to participate in CLRG events in future years. Your team will also be required to select the HAV program in order to participate in any CLRG events the following year.

If your team is not able to provide a volunteer and/or you want to support a local non-profit, you may participate in our popular “Hire a Volunteer” program.

  • The donation amount for the “Hire a Volunteer” program is as follows:

    • At time of registration or by Feb 1st*: $100 per volunteer
    • Postmarked between Feb 2nd and May 31st: $150 per volunteer
    • Postmarked between June 1st and July 14th: $200 per volunteer
    • Postmarked between July 15th and July 31st: $300 per volunteer
    • *If you are selected from the waitlist or register for CLR24 after Feb 1st and pay for your volunteers at the time you register, volunteers are only $100 each.
  • The donation fee to select and hire volunteers goes up as the event date draws near as it is much more difficult to find and coordinate additional charity volunteers closer to the event date.  We appreciate teams selecting and paying for this option as early as possible so that we can coordinate effectively with over 20 volunteer organizations.  100% of your donation goes directly to the charities who provide volunteers for the event.

  • To change your volunteer status from “provide your own volunteers” to “hire a volunteer program” or visa versa, team captains must email info@cascaderelays.com with the request.  The donation payment amount is based on when the donation check is postmarked, so mail the donation check immediately after requesting the change to avoid extra fees.

  • Volunteer checks must include “CLR” and your team name in the memo line, as well as the team captain name if different than the name on the check. We wish we were mind readers but we’re not!

Cascade Lakes Race Group, LLC
PO Box
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Without a group of dedicated volunteers from all teams, this race would not be possible. We thank you in advance for your time in helping us make the Cascade Lakes Relay a successful and safe event for everyone.