“”Project Mayhem was blown away by the organization of this event.   We ran [another relay] last year and the event paled in comparison to the CLR.  The volunteers and the course marking were 2nd to none!  The course itself albeit challenging was much more scenic than we could have imagined.   Thanks for everything that you and your crew did to make this SO MUCH fun.””
Todd Stevens, Project Mayhem (2012 Overall Winners)
“”Can’t quite describe how awesome it was to try and nap on the top rim of Crater Lake while our fellow teammates ran their legs off! What an incredible way to start our CLR journey!!! What an experience! Two days later and we are still all talking about it. Amazing participants, incredible happy volunteers out at all hours of the blazing hot 95 degree day and freezing 38 degree morning! Simply wonderful! Thanks to all your hard work CLR organizers and team!””
Krista Zweers, Fox on the Run
“Just had the hardest, hottest, dirtiest, funniest, rewarding, and funniest weekends ever! Cascade Lakes Relay 2012 rocked.”
Kari Powers, Gettin' Edge-y
“Thank you again for the fantastic opportunity that you provided us with to fundraise for La Pine KJBA!  The participants of the relay were overwhelmingly (like 99.99999%) positive. It was shocking how gracious and thankful these folks are while in the midst of such a physically and mentally demanding challenge. So kudos to the runners!

The runners clearly love this event. I heard nothing but great things about it. The organization, the execution, the scenery, on and on. So kudos to all you amazing folks who spend more than just a day making it all happen.”

“Our 4th year of running…great time, great fun.  Course is beautiful as always. Great finish-line food and activities…love Bend. Thanks to all that make it possible. Now, for 2013….362 days of training left…”
Chip Parker, Where's the Beach
“Scott and Carrie are the 2 best race directors around!! Thanks to both you for a great race event. Your hard work is appreciated by all of us.”
John Lotts, Central Point Runners

“The Pain Train enjoyed an awesome second relay. Kudos to CLR and the Cascade Lakes communities. We have nothing but good things to say about the organizations and the individuals who allow us the opportunity to do something insane without going insane.

P.S. LOVE this year’s shirts!”

Kristin Thiel, Pain Train
“I just wanted to thank you again for helping team “SWAG Northwest” get into the race.  We had a great experience.  I personally found the CLR to be far more scenic and relaxing than HTC.  The volunteers were noticeably more friendly.  They seemed to be enjoying the event as opposed to being focused on the HTC chaos.  This makes a significant difference.  I also found this race to be far more challenging.  For me, coming down the hill on the last few hundred yards of leg 26 (my fourth leg) was easily the most satisfying running experience I’ve had.  I’m sure you get a lot of satisfaction from seeing 2,000+ adults acting like teenagers and having a great time.”
Bob Kerprich, SWAG Northwest
“This weekend I was part of the Cascade Lakes Relay – 216 miles in 2 days. I ran a total of 26.9 miles in 25 hours over 3 legs. This was the longest run I have ever done and it felt amazing!  What a beautiful event, very hilly, very scenic, very TOUGH course! Diamond Lake to Bend or bust! Awesome! Time to put my own team together for next year!”
Keri-Lyn Jakubs ,
“We left behind our laptops, flat screens, offices and indoor living.  We ran through the mountains, marshes, forests and streams.  We dined with the mosquitoes and slept with the ants.  Through the course of our adventure, we climbed 8,364 feet and ran back down.  Our distance covered was equal to 871 laps around a track.  We undoubtedly had a 50 degrees swing in temperature and burned nearly 31,000 calories while running.  This adventure, my friends, was an amazing feat and one to hold with pride.  Being a Sole Brother comes with great distinction. Thanks for letting me forget about my civilized concerns and remember what it means to be alive!”
Jason Adams, Sole Brothers
“As previous Hood to Coasters, we really appreciated the easy exchanges and much simplified logistics at the start area, van exchanges, pretty much everywhere!The scenery was spectacular, the mosquitos lethal, as promised!  It was definitely a very challenging relay, and the weather conditions added an additional element!  It felt like quite an accomplishment in the end, & that’s the way it should be.  Thanks for organizing a great race; I’m sure it will grow to your cap-off point in no time.”
Tonya Grass , Slow Motion to the Ocean
“First of all I would like to thank you and the rest of the CLR staff for a great experience.   Going into this event with quite a bit of experience from the Portland to Coast event, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how relatively smooth everything went. I appreciate the fact that we did not have to leave our walker to rush to the next exchange.  The scenery was incredible.  I also wanted to thank you for checking on us periodically.  I was impressed that you stayed up all night too! As far as the course….It was very challenging, but that is why we are out there!”
Linda Bond , Road Rivals
“Just wanted to say that once again you guys put on a great event.  I am ready to go again next year!  Your event blows “The Mother of all Relays” out of the water.  This in not sour grapes for me, because I do both relays, I just love your event so much better.”
Brian McConnell, Superdog
“I just wanted to thank you and your family for providing an outstanding relay experience to me and my team the Long Chain Fatty Asses. Everyone on the team agreed this was their best relay experience ever. Count on us to be back next year. Good course, great scenery and very well organized.”
Matt Azevedo, Long Chain Fatty Asses