Registration & Lottery FAQ’s

Who registers on which dates?
October 1st – 5th CLR36 Run teams ONLY
October 12th- Registration opens for CLR24 Run AND Walk teams
The registration process for CLR Walk Relay teams is conducted at the same time as CLR24.

What is the process for registering a team?

  1. Go to the CLR website and read the registration instructions page
  2. Register your team in the database within the registration period
  3. Print the Registration Confirmation Email that is sent upon receiving your registration and fill it out
  4. Mail the filled out Confirmation Email along with a $800 deposit check to Cascade Relays, PO Box 1088 – Bend, OR 97709
  5. Checks must include CLR, your team name, and your team captain name in the memo line (if different than the name on the check).

Can we send in our HAV (Hire A Volunteer) donation check now?
Yes, you can send in your HAV check now. It must be a separate check from your registration fee. Donation checks must be made payable to Cascade Relays Foundation and the donation amount is $125 per volunteer at the time of registration.  

Do we have to keep our same team name every year to keep our earned (weighted) lottery entries?
We recommend keeping the same team name through the lottery process. This gives us a clear connection to your team’s past years’ participation to ensure you get your appropriate number of entries. If you are selected in the lottery, you may then email us at and we will happily change your name for you.

So, in other words and ultimately: No – you don’t need to keep the same team name at the time of registration, but we highly encourage your team name to remain the same through the registration process and change it after the lottery.  

Can we change which team member is team captain and retain our earned lottery entries?
YES! We will track your lottery entries by team name.

Can we change our division or team name later? How?
Yes! You can change your division, team name, or switch team captains at any time before the race. Email with your current information and what you would like to switch. To have the correct information on your team bibs, please make changes before June 15th.

How are lottery entries earned and applied?
Lottery entries are earned in the following ways:
One (1) entry for each year your team has participated in CLR
One (1) additional entry for any team not accepted for CLR2017 and participated in CLR24 in 2017
One (1) entry to the lottery will be subtracted for any team that did not check-in at the cell phone waiting area during the previous year’s race

Who has guaranteed entry for CLR36?

  1. Inaugural (2008) team captains and their teams
  2. Division winners (1st place only) from the previous year
  3. Top three overall finishers for CLR36 and CLR Walk Relay
  4. YouTube contest winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)
  5. Top three overall CLR24 winners
  6. Any team who was not selected in CLR2017 lottery and participated in Spokane to Sandpoint Relay in 2017

My team has guaranteed entry – how do we register?
Register as normal! Fill out the online registration and send in your deposit check ($800) postmarked between October 1st-5th.
On the confirmation email you receive, there will be a question to indicate your guaranteed entry. Mark the appropriate option, we will check that against our records, and your team will be accepted!

Can we send in the full registration balance now or do we have to wait until February 1st?
You can mail your full registration balance at any time before February 1st, 2018 and we do accept full payment now.  We offer the option of the deposit in the lottery system so team captains can spread out the financial commitment of registering a team. But if you like to be on top of any deadlines, feel free to send in your full registration fee now.

My business is sponsoring our team and needs a W-9 Form – how do I get that?
Click here to download the W-9 Form.  Email if you have any additional questions or requests.  

Do we have to register all of our teammates now?
No – only the team captain needs to register your team and their information.  All teammates MUST be registered prior to April 1st in order to guarantee your T-shirt size is available on race day, otherwise any teammates registered after April 1st will receive the next closest size (IF we run out of that size).