Walk Relay


In addition to our 216.6 mile run relay, we are proud to offer a 132 mile walk relay that begins in Silver Lake and finishes in Riverbend Park with the run teams. The walk relay uses the same course as the run, beginning with Leg #13 at Silver Lake.  Teams will begin Friday morning and typically take 30 to 34 hours to complete the 132 mile journey. The walk relay is an excellent challenge for people of all fitness levels and is an excellent introduction to the world of relays.

Walk teams are comprised of a minimum of eight (8) members and a maximum of twelve (12). A 12 member team will each walk two legs during the course of the race, while an 8 person team will each have 3 legs to cover. Legs range from 3 to 9 miles in length so that a walker will walk an average of 12 miles over the course of the race. Our walk race director, Kate, is active on the course throughout the duration of the race (except for her sleep break!). Participants receive a CLR finishers shirt, medal and complimentary beer at the finish.