Sleepover Areas

A guide to the amenities at each sleepover area.

Silver Lake (Opens at 1:00 pm)

The Silver Lake sleep over area is for Van #1 to get some rest, food and showers and Van #2 to get food prior to driving to the La Pine sleepover area.

Quiet Area at Old School / Youth Center

Please go here if you plan to sleep and not to talk. Please be respectful of teams trying to sleep.

  • Grass lawn (bring your own shade)
  • Indoor gym for sleeping
  • Refreshing COLD showers (no hot water – that’s just another part of the adventure!)
  • Snacks available – proceeds go to the Silver Lake Youth Center

Silver Lake Fire House

Please come here if you plan to eat, rest, talk and enjoy live music.

  • Grass lawn (bring your own shade)
  • Food offered by The Pizza Cart, Back Porch Coffee Roasters, Earth Below (Vegan) and CurB B Q
  • Soft acoustical music by Matt & Rachel of Silver Lake
  • Refreshing COLD showers – taking one is a CLR badge of honor, in fact.
  • Massage from Central Oregon Sports Massage

Silver Lake Cafe

This parking is the exchange point and is NOT quiet.

La Pine Middle School (Opens at 8 pm)

The La Pine sleepover area is for both vans to get some rest, showers and breakfast. Van #2 will use this area after handing off at Exchange #12 in Silver Lake, and Van #1 will use the area after handing off at Exchange #18 in the middle of nowhere.

  • Cots available in the middle school gym from 8 pm Friday to 8 am Saturday. Donation suggested. This is a fundraiser for the Lions Club.
  • Hot showers available from 8 pm Friday to 8 am Saturday. Towels are available for the showers. This is a fundraiser for the local football team.
  • Additional areas for tents and sleeping bags are available outside on the lawns surrounding the high school. Please DO NOT sleep in the parking lot unless you are inside of your vehicle.
  • Pancake breakfast and hot coffee available from the Lions Club. This is a big fundraiser for them!

Elk Lake (Opens at 6 am)

Elk Lake is a beautiful sleepover area. Van #2 can get some rest and food here and enjoy a beautiful high Cascade Lakes morning.

  • Beach and grass area for sleeping.
  • Food, ice cream and coffee available at the Elk Lake Resort Lodge.
  • Paddle boards and boats available to rent to enjoy on Elk Lake (CLR discount available).
  • Live music
  • No showers here, but there is a crystal clear lake to swim in.

Cultus Lake Resort or Lava Lake Resort are two quieter options you may explore as a team, but we have not made any arrangements with them.