2014 “Spirit of the Cascades” Contests


See the Official Race Guide for detailed descriptions of each contest. Almost everyone who runs these legs participates in the contests, so don’t be left out!  Contest prizes may change at any time at the discretion of Cascade Relays.

You are only eligible to win a contest if your bib# is showing somewhere on your front (for pictures) AND if you submit your name for contests numbers 5 – 9! (all contest registration forms can be viewed here)

  1. Best Inactive Van Adventure! (by CLRG vote) as documented with a picture emailed to info@cascaderelays.com or texted to 541-550-0800 by 4:30pm on Sat. with the subject line “Inactive Van Contest” – Team Charity Float & said picture on CLR website (if appropriate)
  2. Best Decorated Team Van (by CLRG vote at start line) – Team Charity Float and 12 sili-pints/bamboo cups
  3. Most Team Spirit Award#1  (by participant vote) – Guaranteed entry for 2015 and Team Charity Float and 12 sili-pints/bamboo cups
  4. Most Team Spirit Award #2 (by participant vote) – Guaranteed entry, Cycle Pub Tour Sunday morning and 12 sili-pints/bamboo cups
  5. Time Trial (Male/Female; Leg #1) – CLR Hydroflask waterbottle.  It is YOUR responsibility to use the Race Day Website to provide your runner/walker name, team name and bib number.
  6. Time Trial (Male/Female; Leg # 32) – CLR Hydroflask waterbottle.  It is YOUR responsibility to use the Race Day Website to provide your runner/walker name, team name and bib number.
  7. Awesome Costume Leg (by CLRG vote; Male/Female; Leg # 29) – Voting via Facebook for one week after the event – Grand prize is a CLR Growler; choice of apparel for 3 runner-ups. All participants get a sticker.
  8. Crazy Wig Contest (Leg #1) (by CLRG vote at start line) – All participants get a Dutch Bros coffee card. Top 2 winners get a NoxGear Tracer 360 vest.
  9. Ultimate Raver Contest (Leg #19) (voted by Picky Bars) – 3 mo Picky Par Club Membership and Knuckle Lights. (this is like a human light show, deck yourself out in lights and reflective gear, be creative, still not sure what an ultimate raver is? check out these photos from the S2S contest!)
  10. Best exchange point spirit by volunteers (by participant vote) – CLR Hydroflask Waterbottle & drink ticket for each volunteer at the exchange point

Division Winners

Division Winners – Limited Edition Silver Moon Cascade Relays Podium Pilsner for each team member!  Plus guaranteed entry into the 2015 CLR!

Overall 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Run Team Winners – 30%, 20%, 10% off 2015 registration fee, respectively – plus guaranteed entry into the 2015 CLR!

Overall 1st and 2nd Place Walk Team Winner – 30% & 20% off 2015 registration fee, respectively, and guaranteed entry for 2015!

You-Tube Video Awards

All teams have until Sept 15th to post a CLR video on You-Tube. All submissions must be received prior to the deadline via email at info@cascaderelays.com. Don’t forget to include the link to the video in your email. A team of race officials will select the Best CLR video based on the following criteria: originality, quality of production, humor or creativity and CLR Spirit!

Videos cannot exceed (4) minutes in length and use of music is highly encouraged, although You-Tube will not allow any songs to be played for longer than 30 seconds due to proprietary reasons. If you use You-Tube we highly encourage you to continually switch songs every 30 seconds in order to have audio in your video. Any videos that contain nudity or vulgar language will not be considered.

You-Tube Awards

1st Place – 30% off 2015 team registration plus guaranteed entry for 2015
2nd Place – 20% off 2015 team registration plus guaranteed entry for 2015
3rd Place – 10% off 2015 team registration plus guaranteed entry for 2015

All videos will be posted on the official CLR website.

Check out last year’s winning videos!

First place: The Hula-gans


Second place: Kiss My Assphalt

Third place: Long Chain Fatty Asses


Honorable Mentions:
Team Redline
Team Redline Van 2 Video
Gettin’ Edge-y 1 & 2
Adventure Sneakers