Team Check In

Thru Aug 8, 2013 245

Running teams can check in beginning Thursday, July 31st from 4-10 pm at Diamond Lake Resort or Friday morning at least 45 minutes before your start time.

Walk team check in begins at 7am Friday morning at the Silver Lake Firehouse. High School Challenge team check-in starts at 7pm Friday evening at the Silver Lake Firehouse.

In order to check in, the Team Captain (or designee) is REQUIRED to show:

  1. Two reflective vests – 1 for each van (we recommend Road Noise or Noxgear)
  2. Two flashlights or headlamps – 1 for each van (we recommend Knuckle Lights)
  3. FOUR flashing red lights – 2 for each van (one for your back and one for your front).  Cheap lights will not keep you safe.  Please invest in high-quality flashing lights that can be seen by cars for a mile (we rec Nathan Sports)
  4. Two Runner on Road signs – 1 for each van – Les Schwab is sponsoring the signs this year, so you don’t have to make them or pay for them! We will give them to you when you check in.
  5. If you chose to “Hire a volunteer” and haven’t paid prior to the race, you will not be allowed to start without paying for your volunteers.
  6. Two copies of the Race Guide – 1 for each van (ok if Van 2 race guide is not at the start line)
  7. Two copies of the Race Map – 1 for each van (ok if Van 2 race map is not at the start line)
  8. IDs for all present participants who want to receive a 21+ wristband so that you can enjoy the beer garden (we will also do ID check at the finish line for participants not available at the start line)
  9. Register at least one runner from Van 2 to receive SMS (text) messages for the communication relay from Ex Pt. 16. Every runner/walker can sign up for SMS or email messages as well as link Facebook and Twitter pages to post an update each time you cross a live timing mat:
  10. Register every teammate with a smartphone for the free Leaderboard Hub app in order to time each leg of the race.
      • - Leaderboard Hub App – desktop
        – Leaderboard Hub App – iPhone
        – Leaderboard Hub App – Android
      • Watch a brief video to learn how to use Leaderboard Hub here
  11. Participant Waiver Form with signatures of all participants*

*Each participant and van driver, if applicable, can sign their own form or the entire team can sign the second page of the form if you are all together before the race.  All signed forms must be submitted together at the start line by the team captain or designee.

Minor Participant Waiver Form (under 18)

You will not be able to check-in without these items. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can hand over half of the safety gear at Exchange Point # 6 if Van 2 is not joining you at the start line.

At the start line, you will receive:

  • 12 Race Bibs with your team name
  • 2 van signs for each van to designate your team #
  • 1 slap bracelet for each van (“baton” for handoff)
  • 1 official time sheet for each van (optional, for your reference)
  • 2 Les Schwab “Runner on Road” signs

We do not provide copies of the Race Guide or Race Map – you must print a minimum of one copy for each van. If you choose to use a mobile device to access the maps, you will need to save it to your device locally, as there are large portions of the course that do not have cell coverage.

You will receive your medals and finishers shirts at the finish line once both vans have arrived and your final runner has crossed the finish line.

Volunteers will receive a CLR visor when they arrive at their assigned volunteer location.

If a teammate wants to leave their car at the finish line in Bend and carpool to Diamond or Silver Lake, they must leave their car at the Athletic Club of Bend (61615 Athletic Club Drive) and park in the lot farthest away from the club entrance.  That is the only approved place to leave your car overnight.