Elite Anticipated Time under avg 7:30 min/mile pace
Open One or more under 30
Submasters All 30 or over
Masters All 40 or over
Ultra 2 – 6 runners
Corporate At least 9 employees from same company*
Public Service Military / Law Enforcement / Firemen^
High School Challenge All 19 or younger**
Brewers At least 9 employees from same brewery*

Gender Categories:

MIXED: Any combination of mixed gender
MENS: All members male
WOMENS: All members female

Division Details:

ULTRA TEAMS 2-6 runners. Must provide one volunteer for the relay, as opposed to the regular requirement of two.
SOLO RUNNER Enough said!
*CORPORATE At least 9 members must be employed or relatives of employees by the same company. No gender categories in this division.
^PUBLIC SERVICE At least 9 members or relatives. No gender categories in this division.
**HIGH SCHOOL All members 19 or younger. No gender categories in this division.


OSAA Regulations (Off-Season Participation)

  • A High School team cannot race under a high school or mascot name, nor race representing the high school;
rather they must run as individuals.
  • A team cannot be restricted to track and cross-country team members only.
  • A coach cannot coordinate the team as part of a team activity, but he or she can drive one of the vans,
as a friend of the team.
  • Check the OSAA website for more information.