CLR24 Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ll have a few questions about our new race. Please read through these FAQs and if you still have questions feel free to contact us at

What is the distance of the CLR24? How many legs?

The distance of CLR24 is 132.4 miles and consists of the final 24 legs of the original 36 leg CLR course. This is the same course that walk teams and high school challenge teams complete.

Where does CLR24 start and finish?

CLR24 will start at the Firehouse Sleep Over Area in Silver Lake (near Ex Pt #12) and will finish at Riverbend Park in Bend.

If our team already registered for CLR-Thursday, do we have to re-register for CLR24?

No; if your team registered for CLR-Thursday and you want to run CLR24, please fill out this quick online form and we will transfer your registration to the CLR24 registration database.

If our team doesn’t want to run CLR24, do we get a refund?

Absolutely!  If your team registered for CLR-Thursday and you don’t want to run CLR24, please fill out this quick online form and we will delete your registration from the database.  We will also shred your deposit check.  You will be sorely missed though!

When does our team have to decide if we want to run CLR24?

The sooner the better.  We will only accept 600 total runners for CLR24, which is 50-75 teams, so we highly recommend registering early as it will be first come – first served.  There will NOT be a lottery for CLR24 this year.

Can we have an eight (8) member team and still run three legs each?

Yes; an eight member team would run three (3) legs each and the total mileage for each runner would be fairly similar to running the 36 leg CLR.

Can we have two vans for an eight (8) member team?

Yes; we prefer that teams of 6-8 travel in one van, but you are allowed to split into two vans/vehicles.  CLR24 teams are NOT allowed to use RV’s, limousines, school buses, or vehicles longer than 21’ in length.

Can we have a twelve (12) member team?

Yes, teams with 12 runners will each run only 2 legs.

What Divisions will be offered for CLR24?

The Open and Masters Division will have Mens/Womens/Mixed and we will also include a Brewers Division.  For Ultra teams, we will have a division for Mens Ultra, Womens Ultra, and Mixed Ultra.

Will there be Division Winner awards for CLR24? Will these Division Winners be granted guaranteed entry for the following year?

Absolutely!  The CLR24 is a race within a race and we will have the same Division Winner awards as the 36 leg CLR.  However, only the top three overall winners of CLR24 will be granted guaranteed entry for CLR the following year and they may choose to participate in either CLR24 or CLR36.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee for a team of 7-12 runners is $1200.  For an ultra team of 4-6 runners, the registration fee is $960.  If you want to run the event with less than 4 runners or run solo, the registration fee is $200 per runner.

How many volunteers are required for CLR24?

Two (2) volunteers are required for teams of 7-12. Ultra teams (4-6 runners) are required to provide one (1) volunteer. If your team chooses to participate in our Hire A Volunteer program a fee of $100 per volunteer will be due by March 1st, 2015. Read more about the Hire A Volunteer Program here.

Our team registered for CLR-Thursday already and will participate in CLR24, so will you deposit our $500 deposit check? When is the final registration balance due?

Yes; once your team decides to participate in CLR24 by filling out this quick online form, we will deposit your $500 check.  The remaining registration fee balance is due no later than March 1st.

When does CLR24 start?

CLR24 teams will start from Silver Lake Firehouse (near Ex Pt #12) between 2pm-4pm on Friday, July 31st.

When will our team finish CLR24?

All CLR24 teams will finish the race between 9am-1pm on Saturday, August 1st.

Where is packet pick-up?

Packet pick-up will be held at the Silver Lake Firehouse on Friday afternoon starting at 12:30pm.  We recommend your team check-in at least 45 minutes before your start wave. All of the required safety equipment and waiver forms will be required to be inspected at team check-in for both vans.

When will start times for CLR24 be announced?

Start times will be announced for both CLR24 and CLR36 no later than July 1st.

How will the CLR24 affect the walk relay?

The CLR24 will help improve the experience of the walk racers! Walkers will still start on their own Friday morning, but we will have a bigger start line to support more walkers and runners leaving Silver Lake throughout the day. Walkers will see runners on the course earlier and more consistently throughout their race so they won’t feel so alone. And we will be able to provide more gear with the 132 mileage on it now that there will be ~900 people running that course. It should be an awesome improvement for everyone!

What activities will be available at Riverbend Park after we finish?

Arriving before the majority of CLR finishers certainly has some amazing perks.  Your team will have plenty of time to participate in several activities to include:

  • Float the Deschutes River through the Old Mill District and support one of our local charities by donating a nominal fee for use of a tire tube
  • Rent a Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) and enjoy going up and downstream along the Deschutes River
  • Go for a refreshing swim in the Deschutes River
  • YOGA!  We’re working on providing Yoga classes throughout the day that will be conducted at Riverbend Park
  • Play cornhole, bocce ball, or other various yard games in the park
  • Relax with your teammates in the CLR Beer Garden and enjoy amazing craft beers from the best Central Oregon Craft Breweries to include Crux Fermentation Project, Silver Moon, 10 Barrel, Deschutes Brewery, Worthy Brewing, Atlas Cider, Humm Kombucha, and Volcano Vineyards.
  • Breakfast burritos and food/drink items will be available from numerous food trucks at Riverbend Park