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We are here to ensure that your race experience is world class. Our goal is to put on the best running relay you’ve ever run. Please don’t hesitate to contact us before or after the race with questions, ideas and comments!


About the Cascade Lakes Race Group and the Cascade Lakes Relay

There are lots of relays to choose from, but Cascade Relays are different. We are a small, family-run business with the mission to provide exceptional race experiences, while supporting the communities we run through. We prioritize rural courses, local vendors & businesses, personal relationships and supporting local non-profits. You’ll get to know your Race Directors – Scott & Carrie Douglass – through communication throughout the year and out on the race course. You’ll get a friendly check-in from Carrie and a starter’s high-five from Scott every time. Our staff and volunteers embody the spirit of our company – safety, fun and competition. Join the Cascade Relays family!

We developed this race to highlight the beauty of Central Oregon and to provide a different relay experience – one focused on team spirit and camaraderie, a challenging and varied race course, an intimate feel, and a non-congested relaxed race experience.  Scott took two years off work to develop the course and prepare for the first year, and Scott and Carrie produced the inaugural CLR one week after getting married in July 2008!

How We’re Different

Beautiful, remote course. 100%
No traffic jams. 100%
Keepin’ it local. 100%
Safety first. 100%

Have a question, comment, opportunity or other cool idea we’ve just got to hear about? Email us.

Staff You May Need to Contact

<strong>Scott Douglass</strong>
Scott DouglassExecutive Race Director & Chief Endorphin Officer

Scott is the Executive Race Director of the Cascade Lakes Relay and Chief Endorphin Officer of the Cascade Lakes Race Group. He recently transitioned from active duty to the reserves as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy. When he’s not dreaming up ways to improve his races, Scott can be found running, biking or skiing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (or tasting the newest craft beer for the beer garden).  Scott graduated from the US Merchant Marine Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Intermodal Logistics and Transportation and is a US Coast Guard licensed Merchant Ship Officer. He is a proud graduate of Mountain View High School in Bend, OR.

Contact us:
scott at

<strong>Carrie Douglass</strong>
Carrie DouglassExecutive Race Director & Chief Optimism Officer

When Carrie isn’t working on the Cascade Lakes Relay she is the VP of Strategy and Operations at the CEE-Trust, where she has the privilege of working with a network of city-based foundations and non-profits focused on education innovation. Carrie has an MBA from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Portland, OR. She is a proud graduate of Bend Senior High School in Bend, OR.

Contact me:
carrie at

<strong>Teri Smith</strong>
Teri SmithDirector of Communications & Builder of Camaraderie

I have one goal as the Director of Communications and Camaraderie for the Cascade Lakes Race Group – to make you feel like part of the family. The thing that has impressed me about Scott and Carrie from the very beginning is how much they care about their athletes. This is their labor of love. I want you to feel that love they put in to the race every time we communicate with you.

Contact me:
teri at

<strong>Kate Kranzush</strong>
Kate KranzushWalk Race Director & Head Walking Honcho

I hope to provide a great experience for our walkers so that our walk division grows over the years. As an avid world traveler, I enjoy walking and trekking wherever I go. Whenever I go somewhere new, I find the best way to get to know the area and the people is to just get out there and walk around. I also think that walking the CLR and S2S courses gives participants the best chance to really take in the beauty of the areas.

Contact me:
walkdirector at



The Heart of the Cascade Lakes Relay Staff:

  • Craig McClure, Medical Staff Coordinator
  • Carol Swendsen, LaPine Community Organizer
  • Hannah St. John Stendahl, Registration and Merchandise Director
  • Debbie & David McPherson, Event Home Base and Operations Support
  • Rob Schroeder, Race Official, Marketing & Photography
  • Emily Zoboski, Will Howe, Robi Phinney, Race Officials
  • Paul, Mary, Angelica, Bobby & Natalie Evers, Registration and Sales


Please direct your Registration & Merchandise Questions to
info @ cascaderelays .com

Mailing Address:

Cascade Lakes Race Group, LLC.
PO Box 9640
Bend, OR 97708

Fax: 888-505-6533

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