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Insider Guide to the Race

With one year under the belt, there are a few things that teams have learned to help their experience go more smoothly.  Please share your tips if you have them.

Leg #4:
This is a new leg this year.  The road is dirt, which will be much like a singletrack surface, and there are few trees in this area.  Carry extra water.

Leg #5:
This is a hot and dusty leg.  A bandana may be helpful if you are sensitive to the dust.   Bring a spray bottle to mist your runner (and others as well if they need it) and help keep him or her cool.

Legs #12 – 17:
Vans are allowed to follow their runner if the runner is nervous about the conditions in this remote section of the course.  This means you can drive behind your runner at a very slow rate, using your headlights to light the way.  This can be helpful for the runner, but it is tough on the people in the van.  You may also bring a bicycle and ride along with the runner.

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2008 Race Reports

Still want more of an idea about what this race will really be like?  Check out these race reports:

Joe Dudman’s 2008 Recap
Kelly Johnson’s photos
hamburger running

1st Place Video submitted by Team SeaMonkey’s Epic Adventure
2nd Place Video submitted by More Cowbell
3rd Place  Video submitted by Soul Brothers

Video submitted by Hood to Coast Rejects
Video submitted by Team HOT MAMAS
Video submitted by Las Corredoras
Video submitted by New York Magic

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Sample Food Packing List

The following is my food packing list from last year’s relay.  We started at 5:45 am, and our predicted finish was 32 hours later, around 2:00 pm.  I was in Van #1, so I knew we would be done about 10:00 in the morning on Saturday.  It’s helpful to get a predicted pace / arrival chart from your team captain to plan out your meals. The thing is, whatever you pack, it probably won’t be what you crave.  I always want a greasy burger and fries, but can never figure out a way to get one.  There are food vendors at both sleeping areas, but last year I was already full from the overabundance of food we had in the van.  In a team full of women, it’s probably impossible to starve.  Not as sure about a men’s team though . . .

This year, our team is planning our food for each van, so I won’t be purchasing all of the supplies myself.  We are planning our food, and each will contribute what they want.  I will probably make sure, though, that I pack some peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for my post run carb/protein replenishment just so I know I have that ready for me within 20 minutes of finishing up my leg.

Banana bread
Diet soda (I knew I would need some caffeine and wasn’t sure I could find coffee.  This was my back-up)

Post run #1:
1/2 peanut butter sandwich
Pear (slices)

Race potatoes (click here for the recipe)
Turkey bagel – cream cheese & cucumber

Cold grilled chicken
Race potatoes
Whole wheat dinner roll

Pre-run snack:

Post-run snack :
1/2 peanut butter & jelly

Greek yogurt
Brown sugar (packed in a zip-loc bag)

Rice crackers (Costco snack mix)
Red vines
Animal cookies
Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Chips & salsa
Coca cola […]

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