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Packing List for Individuals

This is the list for individual runners.  Check out the list of van supplies to see what you should have for all to share.  A printable list is available here.

Running Equipment
– Running shoes (one or two pairs)
– Team uniform (if you have one)
– Cool weather running gear (long-sleeves or sweats) for two segments
– Warm weather running gear (short sleeves and shorts) for two segments
Here’s a great tip for organizing your clothing. Look at the approximate time of day you will be running, and select outfits for each leg. Place each outfit in a large zip-loc bag labelled with the leg you intend them for. This makes it much easier to find the clothes you need once the van becomes a mess.
– Running socks (three pairs)
– Under-wear or jog bras for running (three sets)
– Running hat (one or two)
– Water carrier / water bottle
– Watch
– Flashlight or headlamp (if not provided by your van)
– Hydration drink (Gluekos, Gatorade, etc.)  Bring what works for you!  Your team might have shared supplies, but unless you’ve tried it before race day, stick with what you know.  Trust me.
– Energy food (gels, PowerBars, etc.) See note above!
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen
– Bug repellent – bring a DEET based one in addition to a natural style.  The bugs are huge out here.  And if you are allergic, bring some Benadryl.  Just in case.
– Deodorant
– BodyGlide – if you don’t know what BodyGlide, you need to learn! This is magic stuff – prevents chafing from your shorts, bra or shirt.  You can find it at your local running store.
– Wipes – Facial wipes or the super cool Action Wipes are nice to have to clean off between legs.  Even if you plan to get […]

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Van Supply Boxes

There is a lot of equipment that a team needs that can be shared by the van.  If you are a team that competes yearly, build two van boxes and store them during the year.  When it is relay time again, you can do a quick inventory, purchase what you need, and be on your way.  Here is a list of supplies for each van box (click here for a printable list):

Cooler with ice
Headlamp, waistlamp or flashlight
Cellphones and/or two-way radios – cell service is spotty in many places on the course.
Timing worksheet, stopwatch or timing software
For more about keeping track of time, check out this article. There are several ways you can keep track of your runners.
Copy of legbook
Runner on road sign
Reflective vests (2 – 3)
Antibacterial soap
Extra garbage bags
Fix a flat
Space blanket
Tea tree oil (or similar) for repellent
DEET repellent
Icy Hot
Extra batteries
Thermometer (for gauging heat exhaustion)
First aid kit
Blister care kit (Moleskin, secondskin, bandaids)
Wound / sprain care kit (gloves, tape, bandaids, antiseptic wipes, prewrap)
Toilet paper
Reflective tape
Masking tape
Spray bottles
The afternoon legs can be quite warm.  Spray bottles are great to cool off your runner, and most other runners welcome a mist as well. You just might be their hero is you do (but be sure to ask!).  Some teams even bring squirt guns.  You can also purchase a new sprayer like you would use for spraying pesticides and fill it with water for the ultimate sprayer!
Paper towels
Plastic eating utensils
Pepper spray
If you are worried about cougars, pepper spray is the best defense. While chances are really low you would encounter one, the mental relief of having protection can be worth a lot.
Garbage bags
Window markers
You can find the window markers in Fred Meyer in the school supply section. The ones […]

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2011 Race Reports

A few race reports from this year’s race.  If you have one you would like to share, please email me at runnerteri at gmail.com.

running stories (Left, Right, Repeat!)
Sassy Molassy (Team Eugene Running)
Sharman Ultra (Pace Invaders)
Dreadlock Girl (The Just Us League)
fast enough (Las Corredoras)

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Provisions for the Last Set of Legs

Legs 24 – 36 are all on the Cascade Lakes Highway, which, while incredibly beautiful, is not known for its places to stop and purchase food or gas.  La Pine is your last place to get provisions before you come back in to Bend.  Thankfully, Ray’s Food Place in La Pine has agreed this year to stay open all night for us in order to provide water, ice, gatorade, sandwiches, etc. The Shell station/McDonalds in La Pine will also be opening at 3 am for us – this is also the only gas available until you finish the race.  Be sure to take advantage of these services before you hit the last stretch of the race.

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Walkers and Runners Wanted

If you, or anyone you know, is a runner or walker who wants to do the Cascade Lakes Relay next week, don’t be shy about your willingness!  Teams are desperately looking to replace last minute injuries and drops.  Some of the opportunities include:

Eight person walking team looking for two more walkers to walk three legs each.  Non-competitive, fun team.
Two people needed for van #2 on Oregon CrossFit. Low pressure; all fees paid.
Team Kaiser Rolls looking for two runners.
Team Deliriously Demented looking for three runners.  Fees of only $60 each, which includes big vans.  Met these guys at the Barrel to Keg Relay last weekend – fun people!

There is sure to be even more action between now and next Friday morning.  If you are interested, please post on Facebook, the boards, or email chris@cascadelakesrelay.com with your availability.

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Managing the Leg #18 Van Switch Off

One of the challenges of the Cascade Lakes Relay course is the lack of a major sleeping area at the end of leg #18 – where Van #2 takes over from Van #1 deep in the night.  After completing legs #7 – 12, Van #2 can choose to eat in Silver Lake before heading to La Pine High School to rest or sleep (food available in LaPine also) until they are called in to active duty on leg #19.  But figuring out that timing is a bit more complicated than having Van #1 show up where you are sleeping and rousing you to run.  Because it is a 35 – 40 minute (19 miles @ 30mph) drive from La Pine to the exchange point, you have to do a bit of planning to make sure it all goes smoothly.  Here’s what your team needs to do to make sure that the exchange comes off:

1. Van #1 must check in with the communications tent at the start of Leg #16.

No matter how crazy the exchange between runners might be for your team, someone must remember to check in at the Communication Tent/Trailer when your runner gets prepared to depart Ex Pt #16.  (Don’t assign this task to the person heading out to run – there is just too much going on for that person to remember to check in too.)  This check-in starts the communication process with La Pine.  The Comms team will relay your team number and time of arrival at Ex Pt #16 to LPHS.
2. Have someone in Van #2 follow @cascadelksrelay on Twitter with their phone.
The communications team will tweet the arrival of each team at Ex Pt #16.  You should have a […]

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Can You Handle the Heat?

Two years ago, the temperatures on the Friday of the relay were near 100º.  Last year, the temperatures were in the mid-80ºs.

Guess which year had the most problems with runners dealing with heat exhaustion?

If you guessed last year, you would be correct.

When the mercury nears 100º, we all know what to do.  Drink lots of water.  Slow down.  Seek shade.  But when the temperatures are in the 80s, we are tempted to throw that solid advice out the window.  80º just doesn’t seem that hot, but for most of us living here in the Pacific Northwest, it is more than warm enough to give us problems.  We need to make sure that we treat an 80º degree day as we would treat a 100º and take the precautions necessary to keep us safe on the course.  What do these precautions include?

1. Hydrate.
If you are thirsty, drink.  Especially while you are running.  The bigger you are, the harder you work, the more out of shape you are, the more you need to pay attention to how much you are sweating and how much you are taking in.  Make sure that you are also getting electrolytes while you are drinking – you can pick up electrolyte tabs that you add to your drinks or pills you take with water at your local running store.  The elevation of this course (4500 feet) will make some extra demands on those of us who live at sea level, so bring extra water for the day.  Continue to hydrate even when you are not running; hopping in and out of vans and being out in the sun will take its toll as well.  Here are some good tips from Runner’s World.

2. […]

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What In The World Do We Bring?

One of the most challenging aspects of a relay is knowing what to pack, especially when vehicle space is limited.  I’ve had teammates arrive with enormous bags with enough equipment to get them across the country, and I’ve had teammates show up without a change of clothes for the entire weekend.  (For the sake of your team, don’t do this!)  One of the best ways to ensure that your team has what it needs without having too much is to spend a little bit of time organizing the van equipment, having team members volunteer to bring some shared supplies so that you don’t end up with 20 rolls of KT tape and no water.

Start by sending out an individual packing list to each team member.  These are the things they are responsible for – if they want to bring them.  Here’s one sample list. And another.  Don’t forget to check out some tips on CLR specific gear that folks may want to bring on certain legs.

The next step is to work on van supplies – the things every van needs, but not everyone needs to bring a supply of (like blister kits, pain killers, toilet paper and so forth).  A sample list for a van supply kit is here.

Some equipment you may want to seek out:

Walkie-Talkies can be  useful for finding your other van in the major exchange areas or giving them a heads up that you are getting near or how you are doing versus your predicted times.   Most walkie-talkies are going to work only when you are within a couple of miles of each other.  Cell phone coverage is spotty at best (Verizon seems to be the most reliable on this course), […]

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Team Where's the Beach Offers Great Tips For Van Decorations…But They Are Planning to Win Best Decorated Van Again!

Tell us about your team. What’s the story behind your name?
Team “Where’s the Beach?” started three years ago by combining two other teams.  The first half of the team had participated in CLR2008 the year before, and is made up of members of the Red Lizard running club (http://www.redlizardrunning.com).  The other half is made of members of a Hood to Coast team (the Eco-Trekkers) that has been together since about 1999.  For CLR2009, the Red Lizard team was short 6 members.  That same year, the Eco-Trekkers did not get selected in the H2C lottery.  It just so happened that the Lizard’s Co-Captain, Jennifer, and myself (at the time Trekker captain) were working at the same company and so a mutually agreeable deal was struck – they needed runners, and we needed to run, we thought.

All new beginnings require a new name and are opportunities to redefine oneself.  The name, “Where’s the Beach?”, is a small poke at the other famous Oregon relay most of us have heard about.  That is of course the Hood to Coast Relay.  That is a relay that both or our former teams have enjoyed participating in for many years.  Of course, one of the signature’s of that relay is the finish line at the beach.  We (most of us) enjoyed running to the beach, and so decided we had to put that mental carrot in front us if we were to successful run thru the desert!

How many years have you won?
Our first year, 2009, Van2 shared the win with another team.  In 2010, we brought Van1 up to speed and so took the win.

How do you all know each other?
The Lizard half has known each other for […]

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