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Cascade Lakes Relay Partnership for Critical Care Transport

One of the best features of the Cascade Lakes Relay course is the ability to explore the beautiful scenery of Central Oregon. The CLR course is 216 miles and includes spectacular terrain, yet includes remote areas far from any local hospital. Cascade Relays events lead the relay industry with medical response and care provided by CrackerJack First Response Medical Team, but occasionally medical incidents require emergency air transportation due to our remote location.

Few people realize emergency air transportation can easily cost $25,000 or more and it may not be covered in full (or at all) by your health insurance plan. AirLink Critical Care Transport offers annual memberships, protecting you and your family from experiencing large out-of-pocket air medical transport expenses.

We have partnered with AirLink CCT and Cascade Relays will provide Critical Care Air Transport insurance for the duration of the event for all participants! AirLink CCT membership for the duration of Cascade Lakes Relay will ensure you and your team receive superior care and transport at no additional cost to you.


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