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Taking Care of Your Stomach So It Doesn't Go South

There’s nothing worse than having your insides rebel against you when you are running an intense event like the Cascade Lakes Relay. Relays are notorious for wreaking havoc on your internal systems, so finding ways to manage your digestive tract can mean the difference between a great race and an uncomfortable experience. What is helpful to know is that there are multiple causes of g.i. distress when it comes to running. Some are preventable, while others must be managed. Here’s a guide to the different ways your stomach can go south and ways you can manage so that it doesn’t get the best of you.

Race anxiety/nerves:
It’s no coincidence that you need to use a restroom multiple times before a big race. Your body picks up on the cues being given out by the sympathetic nervous system – adrenaline, namely – and prepares the fight or flight response that will help you perform to your highest level. However, this also means that your body will rid itself of anything in its digestive tract so that it can focus on performance. Now, it’s pretty tough to not get nervous and excited if that’s your temperament but spending some time deep breathing or listening to relaxing music may help. If you know that you are a person who reacts strongly to the crowd and the energy, you will want to make sure that you avoid many of the other diarrhea triggers in the days leading up to the race. A preventive dose of Pepto Bismol may also help.

One of the temptations of a relay race is to pack all kinds of junk food for the journey. But sugar is bad news for sensitive stomachs. When you are running […]

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Meet Course Official Kate

It takes quite a crew to put on our relays. Meet Kate, one of our hardworking crew members who will be out on our courses come August!


What’s your job with the CLR/S2S?
Technically I suppose I’m a race official… but last year that ranged from stuffing finisher t-shirt bags to overseeing exchange points, to working the finish line. This will be my first year at S2S, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing up there, yet!

What song are you embarrassed to admit you can’t help dancing to?
Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ – It puts a little giddyup in your step.

What food do you crave in the wee hours of the night during a relay?
Anything with sugar. I love sugar.

What superhero do you sometimes wish you could be?
The Invisible Woman (Sue Storm from Fantastic Four) The things you could do if you were invisible!

What’s your least favorite running or walking weather?
Snow. Brrr! I’d rather just stay on the couch and drink coffee.

What’s your favorite line from a movie?
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

What’s your favorite spot on the CLR course?
Any place along the lakes. I love Central Oregon’s lakes!

What’s your favorite spot on the S2S course?
This is my first year doing S2S, so I’ll tell you next year.

If you could have been in the Olympics in any sport, what sport would it have been?
The luge. I’ve always wanted to try the luge!

Who’s your favorite funny television character?
Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory. That kid is ridiculous.

What vegetable did you hate to eat as a kid?
Brussel Sprouts, but I love them now!

What’s your favorite post […]

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Meet the Rockin' Walkers!

The walk division of the Cascade Lakes Relay is heating up this year with 25 teams participating. The Rockin’ Walkers are participating for their second year, and we’re excited to introduce them to you. They’ve got some great tips for any team!

What is your team name?
Rockin’ Walkers.

How many years have you walked the CLR Relay?
2013 will be our second year on CLR.

Is there a story behind your team name?
When we originally chose the name in for another event in 2009, we wanted a music theme, and Rockin’ Walkers is what we came up with. We’re in our 5th year with it and it’s stuck.

How do you know each other?
Family, friends, and friends of friends.

What’s your favorite spot on the course?
Last year, van #1 really enjoyed the water spout at Exchange 16! That was awesome in the middle of a hot day! Van 2 definitely enjoyed the amazing views of Legs 31 – 36. But our favorite spot had to be the grassy knoll at Exchange 35. After leg 35 over very fresh very black pavement, our walker laid down in the shade and just soaked in the good air and good company. Oh, and we got to help send off an “elf”. One teammate was concerned he may burn his cheeks and offered to apply sunscreen.


What bit of sage advice do you have for new teams?
Legs #13-18 are almost 40 miles of hardcore, tractor-rutted gravel and red cinder! Use the “tougher” vehicle for van #1. Also, pack baby wipes, both for the people, and to clean up the dust in the vehicle.

Eat real food. Stay hydrated. Rest when you can. Take time to soak in the beauty the course offers. (Seriously, this course is so […]

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Thirsty Tuesday: Volcano Vineyards Winery Profile

Volcano Vineyards
Bend, Oregon
Tasting Room: 70 SW Century Dr Ste 175, Bend (near Good Life)
Volcano Vineyards on Facebook
How long have you been in business?
We started the business in 2004, released our first wines in 2005 and opened our first tasting room downtown Bend in 2006

What kinds of wines do you specialize in?
We are known for our syrahs. our 2005 syrah won Best of Show at the 2008 National Women’s Wine Competition. Our single vineyard syrahs and merlots are sold exclusively to members of our wine club.

What’s your favorite wine that you produce there at your vineyard?
My current favorite is our bend Blend Red, syrah and merlot and locally grown marechal foch which was grown at Monkey face Vineyard at Ranch of the canyons in Terrebonne.

Tell us a little about your Magmita Sangria.
We first made our Magmita Sangria for Summerfest about 6 years ago. At the time we produced only red wines and since temperatures were going to be in the 90s over that weekend, Scott decided to whip up a batch of sangria. Folks loved it so much they kept coming into the tasting room asking for it. We now do three flavors: cranberry-pom; strawberry-kiwi; and peach

Where do your grapes come from?
We source from southern Oregon, Walla Walla and Red Mountain in Washington, and Ranch of the Canyons in Terrebonne.

What’s your running style?
Liz only runs when she’s chased. Scott runs like a bull

Where can CLR folks find your wines after the race weekend?
The Magmita Sangria is available by the growler at the Growler Guys (Hwy 20 and 27th), Growler Phil’s and the Tumalo Country Store. our wines are available at Central Oregon Fred Meyers, Safeways, Ray’s, also the Newport Market and CE Lovejoy’s. Also, our tasting […]

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