It started as a discussion about how to make timekeeping easier. Anyone who has struggled with the math of calculating paces at two in the morning or recreating leg times after the task is abandoned after a few legs knows that keeping an accurate timesheet is problematic. We explored some of the apps that are now on the market for this very purpose, but none of them provided a strong solution we felt satisfied with.


So we turned to NSPiRE, a Portland-based live results and registration company. Presented with the issue we wanted to solve, they came back with a solution that we hadn’t dreamed was possible – time all 36 legs. Not only would teams not have to keep track of their timesheet if they didn’t want to, they would be able to check out live results at the major exchanges and after the race, find out how they stacked up against the competition on every single leg. To the best of our knowledge, it’s something that no other long distance relay has ever pulled off.


Race Director Scott Douglass explains, “Relays are all about the camaraderie between teams, and that unique spirit will continue with team themes, contests, costumes and decorated vans. However, these races are also challenging and competitive and now individual runners and teams can see timed results for all legs of the race. Chip timing at major exchanges will enable teams to track division standings mid-race. The timing and ranking of all 36 legs will increase the competitive spirit, while still allowing teams to enjoy the fun and team spirit of the race.”


Runners will wear a special wristband with the timing chip that they’ll pass to teammates at each exchange point. The live results will be online at and runners can elect to share the team’s results via their Facebook and Twitter accounts or have them sent via email or text message to friends and family. NSPiRE leaderboards at the finish line will stream live results so spectators can see each team’s status throughout the day.


The NSPiRE app will allow us to send group alerts and messages if emergencies arise. Along with the NSPiRE app, we’re developing a raceday mobile friendly website that will allow you to vote for contests, send feedback and view photos from the weekend as they are uploaded. Our goal is to keep you as connected the race as possible, and to give you all the tools you need to run a successful race.


Questions about the new timing system? We’ve set up a FAQ here.