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Annual Charity Meeting in La Pine


This past Monday evening, Scott, Carrie and I drove into La Pine to meet with the representatives of 20 of the charities that the CLR supports during the race. We hold the annual meeting to build connections, plan for the next year, and learn how the funds from the year before were used in the community. This was my first time attending the meeting, and I was overwhelmed, as a prior runner of so many CLRs, to learn just how much of an impact the race has for these organizations. I thought that some of you would love to learn more about the impact you have as a participant in the relay.
Over the past five years, the Hire-A-Volunteer program has directly donated over $100,000 back in to the communities we run through. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to the groups providing the volunteers; we do not take any administration fees to cover the cost of organizing volunteers. We can pull this off because of the phenomenal efforts of Carol Swenson, our community organizer who helps find groups to work with and puts them into the jobs they can fill.
This past year, funds raised through the program contributed to the following projects: scholarships for La Pine women (both graduating seniors and older women wishing to return to school), rural bus services for seniors and people with disabilities, sport scholarships at La Pine Park & Rec, FBLA activities and scholarships in La Pine and North Lake (Silver Lake school), trail maintenance, sight and hearing assistance, homeless shelter expenses, rural football, martial arts and volleyball program expenses, school field trips, and parent support services in La Pine, among other projects.
Beyond the Hire-A-Volunteer program (which 55% of all […]

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Meet New CLR Team "Runner's High"

We’re excited to introduce you to a team who will be brand new to the Cascade Lakes Relay family this year – “Runner’s High”. Most of the team are from out of state, so let’s give them a warm Oregon welcome! One other reason you might want to try and find this team out on the course…they’ve got a pretty sweet, coffee-making ride…


Our team name is “Runner’s High.” We had an epiphany of sorts while running another relay, there we were, waking up on grass/gravel when we saw a support van that was a VW Westphalia. Inside the Westphalia, they were making coffee in their little kitchen and we were like “we need to get one of those for our support vans.” Well…we did, and then keeping with the theme of our groovy, deadhead sticker laden vans, we came up with “Runner’s High.”
This is our first Cascade Lakes Relay and we are so excited, not just for the race, but for our team: the relay will be a reunion of sorts. Each year, we try to pick a relay and then try harder to recruit more and more family members, indeed, 11 of our team members are related, 6 are siblings, three are married to a sibling, one is a cousin and the other is her sister-in-law. We are most excited about this year and adding three new siblings, Eric, Kathy and Sarah, one is coming from Ohio, the other from Utah and Colorado to participate in this event, in fact only myself, my husband and our non-related teammate, Beth are locals, everyone else is from out of state.
Running, and relays in particular, are great ways to really spend time with, and get to know […]

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Thirsty Thursday Brewery Profile: McMenamin's Old St Francis School

McMenamin’s Old St Francis School
Bend, Oregon
Pub location: 700 NW Bond St, Bend
McMenamin’s Old St Francis on Facebook

The McMenamin’s Old St Francis School is a classic place to hang out and enjoy an afternoon, as well as some fantastic beer. We got the rundown on McMenamin’s beers and Bend’s brew scene from brewer Mike “Culry” White:


How long have you been in business?
I have been working for McMenamins for 14 years the last 9+ as a Brewer. McMenamins was founded in 1985.
How would you describe your beer style?
I like beers with a hop presence but not necessarily bitter. Although I do follow my palate which changes and leans to what my mood or the weather deems appropriate.
What’s your favorite beer at your brewery?
As a hop fan my IPAs are where I go but My Sunshine’s Pilsner has been a favorite recipe for the last few years as well as the Parson Brown which is a Winter Warmer style brown I have made the last 3 or 4 years. The Gunslinger Pale is also one that I drink often when on tap.
Bend’s beer scene is exploding. Why do you think Bend is becoming a destination for craft brewing?
A few reasons that pop out to me are that Bend and Central Oregon in general has a lot to offer people. Any season there are things to do, whether outside or not. This coupled with the visitors that come to Bend throughout the year offer a chance to meet new and different people daily. But what it really comes down to it is that really awesome beer is being made here and people want to taste it as well as be a part of the brewing community.
Why do you think running […]

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Great Article from the Bend Pulse: Insider's Guide to the CLR from Sheila Miller

Cascade Lakes Relay veteran and Bend Bulletin writer Sheila Miller put together this fantastic insider’s guide to the relay for the summer issue of the Bend Pulse:

CLR Ready Set Run_(from the Bend Pulse)

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Meet Team Sibling Rivalry


We are made up mostly of family members, originally hoping to get all 8 of us siblings and our spouses to run in celebration of our eldest’s 40th birthday. Didn’t quite work out that way our first year….only scrounged together 10 runners (7/8 siblings!!) so some or us were slated to run 4 legs.  A runner went down immediately following his first leg (ambulance and everything) and we decided to keep going with 9 so two brothers each ran 5 legs.  It was rough!  We came in last place in our division but we were proud because we finished.  We briefly amended our teamname to Sibling Rivalry: Last Year’s Losers.

(An aside…The man down is our brother-in-law who is a pillar in our family and it was super scary….after medical treatment he was able to return to ride it out in the van to the finish line…he became our mascot of sorts and inspired us to run again the next year…just don’t “Duane it” again!…a term coined in his honor).


Each year since has been better and better!!  We’ve had a revolving door of siblings and friends depending on who’s available.  This year we still have our core five siblings who have run each year.  We have a spouse, cousins, a baby daddy, and a couple other crazies who will be first timers.


Should be a great year!! Looking forward to hitting the pavement (or red cinder) with our CLR family!

How many years have you run the CLR Relay?
This will be our 4th year!!


What are you most excited about for this year’s relay?
Too many things to name just one!! Changes to the finish line, running legs we’ve never done, van stench, not coming in last pace and getting in early enough to enjoy  the after party, sleeping on the gym floor, the scenery, BEER, the camaraderie, spray downs along […]

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CLR Will Time All 36 Legs This Year…With A Little Help From NSPiRE

It started as a discussion about how to make timekeeping easier. Anyone who has struggled with the math of calculating paces at two in the morning or recreating leg times after the task is abandoned after a few legs knows that keeping an accurate timesheet is problematic. We explored some of the apps that are now on the market for this very purpose, but none of them provided a strong solution we felt satisfied with.


So we turned to NSPiRE, a Portland-based live results and registration company. Presented with the issue we wanted to solve, they came back with a solution that we hadn’t dreamed was possible – time all 36 legs. Not only would teams not have to keep track of their timesheet if they didn’t want to, they would be able to check out live results at the major exchanges and after the race, find out how they stacked up against the competition on every single leg. To the best of our knowledge, it’s something that no other long distance relay has ever pulled off.


Race Director Scott Douglass explains, “Relays are all about the camaraderie between teams, and that unique spirit will continue with team themes, contests, costumes and decorated vans. However, these races are also challenging and competitive and now individual runners and teams can see timed results for all legs of the race. Chip timing at major exchanges will enable teams to track division standings mid-race. The timing and ranking of all 36 legs will increase the competitive spirit, while still allowing teams to enjoy the fun and team spirit of the race.”


Runners will wear a special wristband with the timing chip that they’ll pass to teammates at each exchange point. The […]

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Meet CLR Team More Cowbell

You may recognize More Cowbell from their award winning videos and costumes, but there is more to this team than just wacky hijinx. They’ve also got some great advice for new teams looking to run the CLR for the first time.

What is your team name?
More Cowbell
How many years have you run the CLR Relay?
Our team is an inaugural team. This will be our sixth year.
Is there a story behind your team name, and if so, will you share?
Cowbells at races inspire (if not annoy), so why not more? Plus, who hasn’t seen the SNL skit?
How do you know each other?
Wives, sisters, brothers, husbands. Some carry over from our team that ran that other relay.
What are you most excited about for this year’s relay?
New finish line.

What’s your favorite spot on the course?
The rancher’s creek after major exchange #1. A great spot to go for a wade.
What bit of sage advice do you have for new teams?
Don’t drive in the soft red stuff on the side of the road. If it’s really hot, run with bags of ice in your hands.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to your team? 
Not sure if he considers it funny, but we do. A member of our team was relieving himself in the woods when he got stung by a bee on the ding dong. Then he had to run!

Which brewery are you most excited to try beer from?
10 Barrel. We met up with them one year at the creek. Good beer too.

How can other teams recognize you during the race?
We’re the ones blaring Blue Öyster Cult and banging the cowbells.

Do you have any challenges or throw-downs to make to any other teams?
Be excellent to each other.

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Thirsty Thursday Brewery Profile: Good Life Brewing


GoodLife Brewing Company
Bend, Oregon
Pub location: 70 SW Century Dr, Bend
GoodLife Brewing on Facebook
Taking their name from the life Bend-ites live, GoodLife Brewing is known for fan favorites like Descender IPA and Sweet As Pacific Ale.

GoodLife Brewing will also be part of the beer garden celebration at the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay.

How long have you been in business?
Almost two years. We opened June of 2011

How would you describe your beer style?
West Coast American Ales with a NW bite

What’s your favorite beer at your brewery?
Descender IPA

Bend’s beer scene is exploding. Why do you think Bend is becoming a destination for craft brewing?
People like the good stuff here. Great food, Great beer, and a Great Life.

Why do you think running and beer go so well together?
Beer can be seen as a just reward for a job well done!

What’s your running style?
Trail jogger?

Where can CLR folks find your beers after the race weekend?
In most local restaurants and bars, grocery stores, markets and of course at the brewery just down the road from the finish line.

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