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Where Will You Run Take You Today?

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"Running Isn't A Sport for Pretty Boys…"

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CLR Rocks A New Leg #36 Finish…On The River

Much to the delight of anyone who has ever run the dusty, hot leg #36,  the revised leg will now drop down to the Deschutes River Trail around mile #4 and finish with the last two miles along the cool, blue waters of the river. You’ll finally cross that line with your team in Riverbend Park, where you can enjoy a float down the river, beer tastings from some of the region’s finest breweries, food and music for one incredible finish line party.


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If The Van is A' Rockin'…


Music and relays are like peanut butter and jelly; they just go together.  If your team hasn’t picked out a theme song yet, start your brainstorming, because nothing will unite your runners or walkers like a blast of AC/DC in the middle of the night.


Music can play many roles in your relay experience:


Team Theme:
A good theme song not only provides a backdrop to any video you may decide to produce for our contest, it can provide a way to identify your van in the dark. The night legs for the Cascade Lakes Relay are especially dark, and it is easier than you might think to have your runner go by with no clue that you’ve stopped to help them out. A distinct song, blaring through the night, can help you hone in on each other.


Vehicle Mood:
A music playlist can also help keep spirits and energy up as it ebbs and flows through the weekend. Find a team member who loves music and let them create some playlists to fuel your activities. You might be surprised by how helpful a little 80’s metal can be to perk folks up before they head out to run their leg.


Personal Playlist:
If you are a runner who likes to run to music, you’re in luck; our relays still allow you to wear headphones on the course. For safety’s sake, we do ask that you keep the volume to a level that you are still able to hear vehicles, team members and volunteers – using just one ear bud is a great way to ensure that you can hear what you need to and still get the music you want to push the pace.


There’s been a lot of research about music […]

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