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Photos…Then & Now

As I looked through my photo album from the inaugural race, I couldn’t believe the difference between the two races. Seeing how far this race has come was incredibly cool, so I thought I would share some comparisons.












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2012 Cascade Lakes Relay Wrap-Up

written by Teri Smith, Las Corredoras, (@runnerteri)

After three hot showers, a dip in the creek and one long bath, I finally feel like I’ve washed away the dust, sunscreen and DEET coating that I so carefully built this past weekend. It is a bittersweet feeling, really – that post race glow fading just a bit as regular life creeps back in and the legs begin to move in a bit more regular way. As I reflect back on the 5th running of the Cascade Lakes Relay, I cannot help but marvel at what a tremendous race this relay truly is.



The magic of the Cascade Lakes Relay begins and ends with people. Scott and Carrie Douglass stand at the heart of this race, and it is their friendly smiles, open hearts and generous spirit that forms the center from which we compete. They continue to improve on their race every year; how welcome were those one mile to go signs? The first exchange was a big improvement (although I won’t lie – I drove right past it because I “knew” where the first exchange was…) and minor changes along the way made the course that much easier to navigate. There is little doubt that the reason this race runs as well as it does is the tireless dedication they have to their event.



Once again, the volunteers on the course were incredible. Friendly smiles and calm traffic management skills were abundant. I love to see that they are getting in to their volunteer gigs with free treats (tootsie rolls at the start of leg #4!) and themes. How cool is it that over $30,000 will go directly to local charities this year as a result of […]

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