June 2012 - Cascade Lakes Relay | Relay on Us™

Packing List for Individuals

This is the list for individual runners.  Check out the list of van supplies to see what you should have for all to share.  A printable list is available here.

Running Equipment
– Running shoes (one or two pairs)
– Team uniform (if you have one)
– Cool weather running gear (long-sleeves or sweats) for two segments
– Warm weather running gear (short sleeves and shorts) for two segments
Here’s a great tip for organizing your clothing. Look at the approximate time of day you will be running, and select outfits for each leg. Place each outfit in a large zip-loc bag labelled with the leg you intend them for. This makes it much easier to find the clothes you need once the van becomes a mess.
– Running socks (three pairs)
– Under-wear or jog bras for running (three sets)
– Running hat (one or two)
– Water carrier / water bottle
– Watch
– Flashlight or headlamp (if not provided by your van)
– Hydration drink (Gluekos, Gatorade, etc.)  Bring what works for you!  Your team might have shared supplies, but unless you’ve tried it before race day, stick with what you know.  Trust me.
– Energy food (gels, PowerBars, etc.) See note above!
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen
– Bug repellent – bring a DEET based one in addition to a natural style.  The bugs are huge out here.  And if you are allergic, bring some Benadryl.  Just in case.
– Deodorant
– BodyGlide – if you don’t know what BodyGlide, you need to learn! This is magic stuff – prevents chafing from your shorts, bra or shirt.  You can find it at your local running store.
– Wipes – Facial wipes or the super cool Action Wipes are nice to have to clean off between legs.  Even if you plan to get […]

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Van Supply Boxes

There is a lot of equipment that a team needs that can be shared by the van.  If you are a team that competes yearly, build two van boxes and store them during the year.  When it is relay time again, you can do a quick inventory, purchase what you need, and be on your way.  Here is a list of supplies for each van box (click here for a printable list):

Cooler with ice
Headlamp, waistlamp or flashlight
Cellphones and/or two-way radios – cell service is spotty in many places on the course.
Timing worksheet, stopwatch or timing software
For more about keeping track of time, check out this article. There are several ways you can keep track of your runners.
Copy of legbook
Runner on road sign
Reflective vests (2 – 3)
Antibacterial soap
Extra garbage bags
Fix a flat
Space blanket
Tea tree oil (or similar) for repellent
DEET repellent
Icy Hot
Extra batteries
Thermometer (for gauging heat exhaustion)
First aid kit
Blister care kit (Moleskin, secondskin, bandaids)
Wound / sprain care kit (gloves, tape, bandaids, antiseptic wipes, prewrap)
Toilet paper
Reflective tape
Masking tape
Spray bottles
The afternoon legs can be quite warm.  Spray bottles are great to cool off your runner, and most other runners welcome a mist as well. You just might be their hero is you do (but be sure to ask!).  Some teams even bring squirt guns.  You can also purchase a new sprayer like you would use for spraying pesticides and fill it with water for the ultimate sprayer!
Paper towels
Plastic eating utensils
Pepper spray
If you are worried about cougars, pepper spray is the best defense. While chances are really low you would encounter one, the mental relief of having protection can be worth a lot.
Garbage bags
Window markers
You can find the window markers in Fred Meyer in the school supply section. The ones […]

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