If you, or anyone you know, is a runner or walker who wants to do the Cascade Lakes Relay next week, don’t be shy about your willingness!  Teams are desperately looking to replace last minute injuries and drops.  Some of the opportunities include:

  • Eight person walking team looking for two more walkers to walk three legs each.  Non-competitive, fun team.
  • Two people needed for van #2 on Oregon CrossFit. Low pressure; all fees paid.
  • Team Kaiser Rolls looking for two runners.
  • Team Deliriously Demented looking for three runners.  Fees of only $60 each, which includes big vans.  Met these guys at the Barrel to Keg Relay last weekend – fun people!

There is sure to be even more action between now and next Friday morning.  If you are interested, please post on Facebook, the boards, or email chris@cascadelakesrelay.com with your availability.