Tell us about your team. What’s the story behind your name?
Team “Where’s the Beach?” started three years ago by combining two other teams.  The first half of the team had participated in CLR2008 the year before, and is made up of members of the Red Lizard running club (  The other half is made of members of a Hood to Coast team (the Eco-Trekkers) that has been together since about 1999.  For CLR2009, the Red Lizard team was short 6 members.  That same year, the Eco-Trekkers did not get selected in the H2C lottery.  It just so happened that the Lizard’s Co-Captain, Jennifer, and myself (at the time Trekker captain) were working at the same company and so a mutually agreeable deal was struck – they needed runners, and we needed to run, we thought.

All new beginnings require a new name and are opportunities to redefine oneself.  The name, “Where’s the Beach?”, is a small poke at the other famous Oregon relay most of us have heard about.  That is of course the Hood to Coast Relay.  That is a relay that both or our former teams have enjoyed participating in for many years.  Of course, one of the signature’s of that relay is the finish line at the beach.  We (most of us) enjoyed running to the beach, and so decided we had to put that mental carrot in front us if we were to successful run thru the desert!

How many years have you won?
Our first year, 2009, Van2 shared the win with another team.  In 2010, we brought Van1 up to speed and so took the win.

How do you all know each other?
The Lizard half has known each other for […]