This past Monday, I sent my daughter off to video camp to learn more about the process of movie making.  At one point, I jokingly said to her to learn some great tips so I could help me team create a better race video for this relay – my team has submitted entries twice, but so far has come up empty handed in the prize department.  So you can imagine my great surprise when she came home that afternoon telling me how her teacher, Mr. Kohler, runs the Cascade Lakes Relay and that his video had won first place. Yep, her teacher was none other than Kirk Kohler, team captain and video master of More Cowbell.

After I introduced myself, I asked him if he would be willing to have the kids come up with their top ten video tips to help us less gifted videographers create better videos. Last year, any team who took the time to create a video and enter it into the contest received 5% off their registration (hey, $55 is one round at the team’s meeting), so it’s worth your while to grab a video camera and start documenting.  (The winning team will receive 30% off next year.)

Here are the top ten tips from Mr. Kohler’s video class:

Don’t be a hoser.  Don’t continually shoot, cut and move to a different position.
Don’t use too many transitions. It can make it look cheesy.
Follow the rule of thirds: If your screen is divided into 1/3s horizontally and vertically, your subject should be at one of the intersections of those lines. Make sure people aren’t always in the center.
Use head room. Make sure your subject has ample room on all sides.
Use different angles when you […]