Eric Salkeld is looking to make Cascade Lakes Relay history. If all goes as planned, he will be the first solo runner to cover the entire 216 miles…alone.  He’ll be facing the heat, the dust, the hills and the bugs without the benefit of a teammate to hand off to when the going gets rough. He has no illusions about what he’s going to do this summer, because he’s been there before.

You may remember Salkeld from last year’s Hood to Coast relay.  He ran the course without a team, starting Thursday morning and finishing on an empty beach Sunday evening.  (Articles are here and here.) There was no fanfare or even recognition from the race officials; in fact, the organization had turned down his request to run it as a team of one.  He ran it completely on his own.

“I had trained for it,” he explains, “so I decided to run it anyway.”  No one knew he was out there running – there were no special cheers or words of encouragement from the other teams. The race was tough for Salkeld. The night before he ran, his main crew member had a business emergency, so Salkeld got little sleep before the start.  The next morning, his friend dropped him off at Timberline Lodge and had to leave.  Salkeld was on his own.  He laughs as he remembers going in to the Sandy Fred Meyer and buying supplies, which he proceeded to carry with him in plastic bags.

Salkeld will be more prepared for the Cascade Lakes Relay, which is welcoming him with open arms.
“We are extremely excited to support Eric in his effort to raise awareness and charitable contributions for Levi and the Childrens Cancer Association while […]